Questions I often get! 

How long does it take to ship??

Heavyslime is mostly a 1 man show. From designing, to printing, to shipping and even customer service its all pretty much just me, Eric.  Most orders take between 1-2 weeks. Obviously this can vary but I really do my best to get everything out as quick as possible!!! Your patience does not go unappreciated especially in this next day amazon shipping world that we have all gotten so used to. Thank you for all the support!!!

Can I get your work tattooed?

The short answer is yes, just send me a pic.

Do you do commissions?

I get a lot of commission inquiries and have a hard time answering all of them. The truth is most of my time is spent running this machine and dont always have the time to
take on outside work. If you do have a request please be as detailed as possible with your idea and budget.

I dm'd you, did you get it?

Pleaseeee if you have a question about your order, please send me an email not a DM. DM's get so easily lost and its difficult to help when its just a message from a random insta handle that says "wheres my order" with no details at all 🫠 

Can I just pick my order up? I live in Philly.

Unfortunately not at this time, everything is just online.